Monday, November 2, 2009

Engineer's Interview with DEALWITHNODEAL.COM

Allow me to introduce you to Blazed1’s affiliated producer Asim “Engineer” Jenkins.

“I want to be at a level where people can hear my music and appreciate it for what it is and also continue making music that I am proud of.” – Asim Jenkins

DealWithnoDeal: Hows it going how you been? Fill us in on some of the stuff you are working on. Singles, Mixtapes, Videos, ect..?

Asim “Engineer” Jenkins: I’ve been good, taking it easy. I am presently working on an instrumental mixtape, as well as a full mixtape which will feature various artists. Also, I am putting out videos which feature me in the production process of the beats. Other than that, I am just reaching out to different artists to give my music a shot while trying to finish up school in St. Thomas.

DWND: What is one beat of yours that you consider your favorite? and which song of yours have you gotten the best and most feedback on?

A.J: I can’t really pick a beat because each one spark a different emotion out of me. At different times I would say this one particular beat is the best than another time I would say another particular beat is my favorite. The track that I got a lot of feedback on a Dramills mixtape titled, ‘We know Drama’ and the title of the track was ‘That Dude’.

DWND: What blogs have shown you love? has the blog love boosted up your fan base? have a lot more people become aware of you and what you do?

A.J: Blazed1.com. It did boost up my fan base as people have become more aware of me and it helped me reach a demographic that I couldn’t reach before. But I think with gaining a better relationship with the blogs will help me exposure.

DWND: When it comes to you in the music business, where do you expect to be in the next several years?

A.J: I want to be at a level where people can hear my music and appreciate it for what it is and also continue making music that I am proud of. I want to let people hear my music on a larger scale.

DWND: How far have you come since when you first started?

A.J: I came from a nobody musically on an island where reggae, soca, and dancehall are the primary musical attractions. Now I am someone that a group people across nations know and respect for the music I produce. So to be honest, I did make some progress over the years but, with the proper machine to work with my potential would carry my music further.

DWND: Let everyone know a little bit about where you are from and the music talent in your city.

A.J: I’m from St. Kitts which is a small Caribbean island. St. Kitts has talent like Masud Sadiki on the reggae side of things and Infamous, who is a young artist and personal friend of mine. He is very versatile.

DWND: Ok before I rap this up if you could say one thing to your followers and supporters what would it be?

A.J: Just listen to my music, just open your ears and give it a chance and if you like it you like it and if not you just don’t. I use music as a way to express myself. This is how I make my music. Get at me.

DWND: Alright fam If you want to give anyone a shout out go for it.

A.J: Have to shout out my family, everyone who helped me get this far, Vivid Designs, Blazed1, Dramills, Bad-Guy, Team Muzzle, Yung Nate, and the whole Caribbean especially St. Kitts.

Check out 2 exclusively new beats produced by Engineer below:

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Asim “Engineer” Jenkins
Engineer Productions

Twitter: @epbeats

Email: Raymo7@Gmail.Com

shouts to Dealwithnodeal.com, Yung Nate

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